Must reads from June 2014

actHere is my choice of MUST READs  from the posts, articles and videos I tweeted in June. These are the ones that stopped me in my tracks, made me think or inspired me. Find the others in my 2014 Reading List.

Do you want transformation or tinkering?, Euan Semple (5 June 2014) writes

“In the face of this pain tinkering becomes the norm. Reading another case study instead of getting on with things. Trying to find just one more example of best practice. Endlessly asking for permission in different ways from different people – rather than asking for forgiveness. Tinkering isn’t what we are here to do. Tinkering rots your soul.”

Online education has become a joke – here Roger Shank shares a few short clips “of what some people call online education“. Worth taking a look.

From smart watch to smartpen to … smart cheat, (CNN, 19 June 2014) –  This post shows the extent of the activity and energy that goes into cracking down on “high tech” cheating – removing mobile phones and scanning students for devices. Instead ….

“[Shelly] Palmer told CNN a complete overhaul of the education system was needed. Factoids and long division is a wasted skill in today’s society because in the future, a child will never be without a computer, he said …  Palmer said children would be better served by learning with such high-tech tools, rather than being separated from them. These days, it’s “intellectual property” that is translated into wealth, he said.”

The Beam Smart Presence System in action – Is this the future of web conferencing?

Learning something new: 3 things to remember – Andrea Ayres-Deets in The next web (30 June) shares these three tips

Tip 1: Know how you learn
Tip 2: Get comfortable making mistakes
Tip 3: Save the coffee for later

Of course – Andrew Jacobs describes his experience on a course. It started well! Read his post to see how it continued.

“I did something very unusual (for me at least) last week; I went on a ‘course’. On this course there was some ‘training’ which I was both looking forward to (how new would it be) and fearful (the same old?). The course was about technology and applying it in the workplace. So the first thing the person at the front of the room – the ‘trainer’ –  did was to get everyone to turn off their technology to keep us disconnected from the workplace. I left my tablet on.”

Finally, to end on a positive note, here are three personal views on the importance of Twitter:

  1. What makes Twitter? The people – Donald Taylor, 12 June 
  2. Dan Snow: Anyone who doesn’t love Twitter is an idiot – The Guardian, 22 June
  3. Why I [heart] social… – Kandy Woodfield, 22 June


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