It’s International Work Out Loud Week

Jonathan Anthony tweeted an announcement  that it is International Work Out Loud week from 9-15 June.

How can you get involved? In a blog post, Simon Terry advises

  • Start sharing your work in what ever means seems appropriate to you. It doesn’t have to be social. It just needs to be public. Make sure you tag your sharing with #wolweek so that others can follow along the broader conversation.

If you need a procedure:

1) do something
2) write what you did on an unfeasibly large post-it note
3) attach to your office wall
4) take a photo of it
5) tweet it with the hashtags #wolyo #wolweek

  • Encourage others to Work Out Loud too Working out loud works for everyone.

Want to find out more about Working out Loud? Here are some useful blog posts.

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