20 ideas to learn something new for FREE

billboard-63978_640It’s National Learning at Work Week – so why not take the opportunity to find out about something completely different – and all for free!

Here are 20 ideas that cover a variety of topics and use a variety of approaches – some are courses but others use non-traditional approaches – they might even stimulate some ideas when developing your own projects.

  1. Big Think – an evolving roadmap to the best thinking on the planet
  2. Chef2Chef – learn to cook online
  3. ChessAcademy – a fun and easy way to learn chess
  4. Curious – a life-long learning platform
  5. DailyLit – Choose the book you want to read.  It will show you the number of instalments to read it.  Then read it via email or RSS
  6. Diary of Samuel Pepys –  a daily entry or a monthly summary via RSS
  7. FiddlerMan – learn to play the violin for free
  8. HTML.net – free tutorials on HTML, CSS and PHP
  9. In Pictures – The simplest way to learn office applications
  10. Just Learn Morse Code – a free Morse code trainer
  11. Learn to draw – learn how to draw like an artist – from a professional artist
  12. Learn Tarot – learn to read Tarot cards
  13. The resistors – The use of interactive 3D technology to present a number of science equipment and experiments in an immersive way.
  14. Show me now – Fix the world’s problems
  15. The Library Infinite –  Once you choose an archetype, you are shown many types of free software and web sites specifically chosen for your interest
  16. Learn typing – a free online typing tutor
  17. Unnecessary Knowledge – entertaining facts and information (which might or might not be true!)
  18. Walking – You will receive a daily email with a walking assignment, walking lesson, nutrition tip, healthy recipe, and motivational tip.
  19. Word of the Day – Sign up for FREE! It’s a great way to build your vocabulary for school, work, or fun.
  20. Zebra Keys – free online piano lessons

Want more ideas? Take a look at my collections of over 200 resources on How to find out about anything and everything (mostly for free) as well as 250+ ways to learn a language online.