Integrating the Learning Flow in the Workflow

rafting-175601_640This is the fifth post in my series about Learning Flows.

In previous posts I have explained

Suitable platforms to host a learning flow are those where an activity stream lies at its heart, so include

  • (free) public activity streams like Twitter, Facebook
  • open source social platforms like Buddypress, and
  • enterprise social networks (ESNs) like Yammer, Jive and Socialcast

In the latter case, the use of an ESN means that learning initiatives can be embedded in the very same platform that is being used to underpin work processes – rather than be hosted in a separate learning platform. It also means that L&D can use learning flows as one way of encouraging and supporting social learning, knowledge sharing and collaboration across the organisation.

Although a Learning Flow might be hosted in a separate group space on the ESN (perhaps as part of a blended learning initiative) the ideal scenario is for the learning flow to be integrated within an existing team flow. In this way it seamlessly becomes a part of the workflow, and continuous learning becomes a natural part of daily work.

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