How did you get on with the Top 10 Tools Challenge 2013?

thoughts-139620_640In January I set a challenge.

  1. Make a resolution to find out how to use 10 new tools this year (say one a month) and how they might help with your personal productivity, professional learning or development, or for use in education or training, or in the enterprise for performance support or workforce collaboration.
  2. Write a monthly blog post describing your experiences with your new tool.

So how did you get on?

It’s time to write a post reflecting on the whole experience and what impact it has had on you and your professional development. Please place a link in the Comments section below. It will be interesting to read your thoughts.

A number of people took up the challenge, and their blogs are listed below.

8 thoughts on “How did you get on with the Top 10 Tools Challenge 2013?

  1. Jane Hart Post author

    Amy wrote about the challenge in her blog post at Amy’s Classroom

    “For me Twitter turned into a major life change. I connected with more people than ever before. I had my first art proposal accepted. I ended up interacting with people I met via Twitter. And my experience led me to many ongoing volunteer projects where I have met others who have opened up so many doors. I am truly part of my community and I owe it to my technology skills.”

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  4. criticallearner

    First, thank you for presenting such a wonderful challenge. Sometimes it just takes the right “nudge” to help us focus on our own development vs constantly focusing on the daily fire drills.

    My progress was posted periodically here:

    Although I didn’t cover the intended ground, this was a great experience. So good that I am committing to re-evaluating my focus for 2014 and challenging myself further.

    Thanks for lighting the fire.

  5. Joitske Hulsebosch

    Amazing how the year has been flying…. I did one tool challenge (youtube playlists)

    And still using playlists! Then I gave up on blogging the tool challenge but I’ve been testing new tools with other groups of people, for instance powernoodle and more network analysis tools. Sometime you have to try a tool with a group of people I guess.

    It would have been easier if I had known an easy way to follow the other challenge participants without following all their blogs…

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