Building and Leading an Online Community: Workshop


Next workshop runs 6 – 31 January 2014

Building and maintaining successful online communities takes time and effort. In this workshop we look at the importance of planning your community, different ways of launching it, and after the first flush of enthusiasm, making sure it remains dynamic and vibrant.

Suitable for anyone who wants to run an online community.


The 4 week online, social  workshop covers the following topics:

  1. Planning a community : What to consider before you even start
  2. Launching a community : Different approaches to getting things going
  3. Maintaining a community : Ways to inspire interesting content and create an ongoing vibrant community atmosphere
  4. Measuring the success of a community : Quantitative v qualitative metrics; activity v performance

How the workshop runs

Please note this workshop does not use a traditional course format. Here are the key elements of how it will run:

  • The workshop provides a semi-structured approach that is designed to give just enough structure, without constraining personal and social learning.
  • At the beginning of each workshop week I will provide some introductory web readings as well a practical activity to get you thinking, doing and talking about the week’s topic.  Participants can undertake these readings and activities whenever it is convenient for them. The total time commitment should be about 3 hours per week, though there is the potential to do more, should you so desire.
  • The workshop is hosted within our Yammer network which enables us to have a continuous flow of conversation around the workshop topic so that people can continuously learn from one other.  Without these conversations, we would not be able to help in an informed way. For those attending, the more they participate and contribute, the more they will get out of the workshop.
  • Participants will have access to the workshop materials and conversations for 90 days after the end of the workshop. Re-use of materials within participants’ organisations can be negotiated.

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