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system-71228_640Teams have been collaborating for years, but with new social technologies this has become a powerful new concept, as it allows individuals to share their knowledge and experiences with one another on a continuous basis so that the team, community or group can work and learn together. But working and learning together effectively requires a new set of social and collaboration skills. This workshop focuses on some of the practical ways that teams can share their knowledge and collaborate with one another.

Suitable for anyone who wants to find out more about effective collaborative working and learning as a team.


The 4 week online workshop covers the following topics

  1. Learning to share; sharing to learn :  psychology of sharing; the why, what and how of sharing
  2. Sharing your work : working out loud; narrating your work
  3. Collaborative working : small group collaborationsolving problems together
  4. Collaborative knowledge building : mass collaborationbuilding a collaborative knowledge base

How the workshop runs

Please note this workshop does not use a traditional course format. Here are the key elements of how it will run:

  • The workshop provides a semi-structured approach that’s necessary to kickstart the informal, social learning that will be needed to become proficient – so is  designed to give just enough structure, without constraining personal and social learning.
  • At the beginning of each workshop week I will provide some introductory web readings as well a practical (individual and/or group) activity to get you thinking, doing and talking about the week’s topic. I curate what I think are the essential resources on the topic and also provide additional links and resources for those who are interested to stimulate the discussion. Participants can undertake these readings and activities whenever it is convenient for them. The total time commitment should be about 3 hours per week, though there is the potential to do more, should they so desire.
  • The workshop is hosted within our Yammer network which enables us to have a continuous flow of conversation around the workshop topic so that people can continuously learn from one other.  Without these conversations, we would not be able to help in an informed way. For those attending, the more they participate and contribute, the more they will get out of the workshop.
  • Participants will have access to the workshop materials and conversations for 90 days after the end of the workshop. Re-use of materials within participants’ organisations can be negotiated.

Public Workshop

The next public workshop runs 25 November – 20 December 2013.

Workshop fees are designed to favour early subscribers, with the first 10 participants at £79 (a few places still available), and further participants at £99. Sign up below. You can use your credit card or PayPal account.

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