The Really Useful eLearning Instruction Manual

I’m very pleased to announce the publication of this new book edited by Rob Hubbard, which includes a chapter I have written on informal and social learning. Here’s a description of the book published by Wiley.

“Technology has revolutionised every aspect of our lives and how we learn is no exception. The trouble is; the range of elearning technologies and the options available can seem bewildering. Even those who are highly experienced in one aspect of elearning will lack knowledge in some other areas. Wouldn’t it be great if you could access the hard-won knowledge, practical guidance and helpful tips of world-leading experts in these fields? Edited by Rob Hubbard and featuring chapters written by global elearning experts: Clive Shepherd, Laura Overton, Jane Bozarth, Lars Hyland, Rob Hubbard, Julie Wedgwood, Jane Hart, Colin Steed, Clark Quinn, Ben Betts and Charles Jennings – this book is a practical guide to all the key topics in elearning, including: getting the business on board, building it yourself, learning management, blended, social, informal, mobile and game-based learning, facilitating online learning, making the most of memory and more.”

Table of contents

  1. So What is eLearning? Clive Shepherd
  2. Getting the Business on Board Laura Overton
  3. Build In-House, Buy Off -the-Shelf or Outsource? Jane Bozarth
  4. Production Processes – Making it Happen! Lars Hyland
  5. Making the Most of Memory Rob Hubbard
  6. Blended Learning Julie Wedgwood
  7. Informal and Social Learning Jane Hart
  8. Facilitating Live Online Learning Colin Steed
  9. Mobile Learning Clark Quinn
  10. Game-Based Learning Ben Betts
  11. Learning Management Charles Jennings

15% Discount

If you’d like to purchase the book, here’s a promotion code to get 15% discount when you buy the book at  VBF11

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Jane Hart

Founder at C4LPT
Jane Hart is an independent workplace learning advisor, writer and international speaker. She is the Founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies. Her recent book Modern Workplace Learning: A Resource Book for L&D is now available, which she supports with a range of online workshops. Find out more about Jane at

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