Where the Top 100 Tools for Learning fit on the Comet’s Tail of Workplace Learning Trends

Last week I shared a graphic I had created to highlight workplace learning trends over the last 15 years. I’ve now added a further graphic that shows where some of the Top 1oo Tools for Learning 2013 fit onto the comet’s tail. (Please note that, in this particular chart, the tools shown are representative of the trends, and are not shown in chronological order of when they were released.)

I’ve colour-coded the tools so that  enterprise tools appear in blue and other, web-based/online, public tools are displayed in orange. I think this goes to show how online social tools have caused a revolution in learning , in as much as they allow individuals and groups to organise and manage their own  learning – in non-instructional (informal, social) ways.

It also shows that the trailblazing trends in workplace learning are where L&D functions are re-designing their service to include support for non-instructional forms of learning through personal knowledge management, knowledge sharing and collaboration as an integral (not separate) part of working.


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  2. Peggy Hale

    Jane, Love the visual! Thanks for sharing this. Do you mind if I share your 2 slides in a presentation I am giving on BYOT/BYOD? Just viewing the visual speaks volumes on where we’ve been and how far we have come along. I will surely credit you for them and provide them with the link for more information.

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