Professional Network Mapping: Mini online workshop

Harold Jarche has just released a blog post on the importance of Networked Professional Development in which he writes:

“A professional learning network, with its redundant connections, repetition of information and indirect communications, is a much more resilient system than any designed development program can be. Redundancy is also a good principle for supporting social learning diffusion. There is always more than one way to communicate or find something and just because something was blogged, tweeted or posted does not mean it will be understood and eventually internalized as actionable knowledge. The more complex or novel the idea, the more time it will take to be understood.”

So at the Connected Knowledge Lab our next two mini online workshops will be focused on this topic:

  • From 5-16 August the Professional Network Mapping mini online workshop, led by Harold,  will help you examine your personal network for diversity, and understand how you can improve it.
  • From 2-13 September the Building your Professional Network mini online workshop, led by me, will help you identify the best places to build your professional learning network

Please note, that although we refer to these events as “mini workshops” they are not traditional, formal online courses –  and you can find out how they run here.

There will also be two web meetings on Wednesday 7 August and Wednesday 4 September for those participating in the workshops.

To join the mini online workshops you need to sign up for membership of the Connected Knowledge Lab – where you will also be able to access our growing resource area and join in all the conversations in our CKL Community.

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