3 emerging services of the L&D Department

As I prepare myself for an upcoming meeting on the Future of Workplace Learning, I have put together a simple slide to show what I see as 3 emerging services of the future L&D department.

  1. Content Production Service – creating courses and resources
  2. Learning Concierge Service – identifying one-size-fits-one solutions for ad hoc performance problems and ongoing professional development
  3. Connected Workplace Service – supporting continuous learning and performance improvement through knowledge sharing and collaboration

The question becomes as Production Services are increasingly outsourced in organisations, and L&D needs to move from organising learning for others to supporting self-organised learning, how ready are you to provide these new services?

8 thoughts on “3 emerging services of the L&D Department

  1. Candice Kramer

    Jane, THANK YOU. I was just struggling with representing this graphically to my leadership, and it fits the vision for our fledgling T&D function perfectly!

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  3. aohanian

    Jane, in a short blog post you have summarized so much of what L&D needs. I have one question: how do you see the L&D department working with the rest of the organization to optimize these three services? Is it a central role of the department or does each work separately with the rest of the organization?

    1. Jane Hart Post author

      Good question, it would seem more appropriate for there to be one department with these three inter-related functions, however, I expect that in some organisations the current Training department will only want to do Content Production – so other parts of the business may take up the other two services.

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  5. John Ittelson

    This is great and it can also be seen in the new MOOC space… with OER’s being the content creation, the learning concierge are the MOOC’s and ad-hoc study groups the connected work (learning ) space. Thank

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  7. Marie Capogna

    Jane, I am honestly thrilled with your choice of terminology on the three emerging services of L & D roles. I work in a Lean manufacturing environment and one of our fundamental applications is called “5 S”. It seems you have taken big steps, similar to 5 S, by articulating the L & D role in the way you have here. I want to hear even more of your thoughts on the subject. Thank you!

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