Take the Learning in the Workplace 2013 survey; the results might surprise you

MC900442139Last year I ran an anonymous survey asking people how they rate different ways of learning at work – and the results were widely reported.

I’ve opened it up again this year – and once you submit your own choices, you will be able to view the results submitted so far, plus an analysis of what this means for L&D practices

Here’s the link to the survey


  1. I don’t quite understand the purpose of some questions, maybe you can explain. For instance, 1st question: importance of ‘Company training’. It seems to me that, like most if not all other questions, it is very important, essential even but it might have helped to have it compared with, let’s say, ‘Self-directed study of external courses’. The question would have been then how do you compare one vs the other.
    Maybe this is how the whole survey should have been understood: 1st question vs 2nd, 3rd vs 4th (which explains why some scored relatively low), etc.
    Would you care to clarify this for me? Thanks – Pascal

    1. Jane Hart

      Pascal – the question is “how important (useful, valuable) is company training as a way for you to learn in the workplace”. As you can see from the results, for many people it is actually not that important, other ways of learning are much more important for them. So it’s not about comparing the items – it’s about rating each one independently.

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    1. Jane Hart

      By “job aids” I mean perfromance support materials – things that help you to do your job – checklists, quick guides, cheat sheets, instruction sheets etc.

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