Take the 10 Tools Challenge

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I’ve added links to blogs of some of those who are taking the challenge at the bottom of this post. If you’d like your blog to appear, add the link in the comment box below

For  2013 why not take up this professional development challenge.  This is how it works:

  1. Make a resolution to find out how to use 10 new tools this year  (say one a month) and how they might help with your personal productivity, professional learning or development, or for use in education or training, or in the enterprise for performance support or workforce collaboration.
    • You could decide all or some of them up front, or make your choices as you go through the year,
    • You might like to use the Top 100 Tools list for inspiration – or just discover your own.
  2. Write an initial blog post that identifies your interest in being part of the 10 Tools Challenge 2013 (or record your interest in a Comment below).
    • Share a link to your blog in the comments below.
    • If you haven’t written a blog before you might want to make this the first tool you find out about.
  3. Write a monthly blog post describing your experiences with your new tool.
    •  Include a link to this post in each of your blog posts, so that a trackback will be recorded below.
  4. At the end of the year write a post reflecting on the whole experience and what impact it has had on you and your professional development. (I’ll do a review and analysis of those participating in  the Challenge myself.)


130 thoughts on “Take the 10 Tools Challenge

  1. Claire Line

    I would be interested in taking part in the 10 tools challenge Jane. It’s perfect timing from my perspective.

    1. Jane Hart

      Claire – do you have a blog where you will be posting about it – I’m generating a list. Let me know if you want to be included on it.

      1. Amy

        Thanks for the inspiration, the motivate, and the prod (by following me the motivation skyrockets knowing I am not just writing to myself! lol!).

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  11. Rhondda

    I like the idea but would lie to include learning how to use a tool in a new way. When talking to others I have found how to use a tool, I have been familiar with, in a different way. It is always so useful to share , even if you think that it is “old” news.

    1. Jane Hart

      Hi Rhondda, yes exactly that – how to use a tool in a new way – or how to use a new tool to address an old problem

    1. Jane Hart

      Hi Joitske – I as hoping people would post their blog details here – but I will try and find a better way to collate them – Perhaps as an update on the bottom of the post itself. Any thoughts/ideas?

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  17. Joitske Hulsebosch

    @jane I guess you could ask people to use a certain tag and then aggregate all the posts somewhere using the tag to filter? I’ve participated in the Netsquared blogging rounds and they asked people to send their blogposts by email to one person.

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  23. Ann Cushman

    I’m taking on the 10 Tools Challenge. What an awesome development goal for 2013. I have thought about blogging for months, but it’s been kept in my head. Now, is the time for action. Thanks, Jane, for all the encouragement and tools!

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