LPI launches Capability Map for the learning sector

The UK-based Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) has today launched a Capability Map for the workplace learning sector.

The map will provide a clear definition of skill sets applicable to workplace learning professionals and will have benefits for both individuals and recruiters.

For individuals working within workplace learning, the map will provide a way to self assess skills across 9 categories, against 27 pre-defined skills. Users are then able to create a personalised profile report which provides an overview of their current skills across four competency levels.

The LPI’s Capability Map has been in development for over a year, and I was very pleased to be one of the many contributors, in my case helping to define the skills required around the new area of supporting social collaboration in the workplace.

As we move into a new era of workplace learning, learning professionals will need a range of new competencies and skills. The new LPI Capability Map will therefore provide a useful framework to help those in the profession understand what is required to become a competent practitioner.

The open access Capability Map is freely available to the whole learning community. Just go to www.learningandperformanceinstitute.com/capabilitymap.htm.