Moving from Training to Performance Support

“Not all training sessions are effective. Sometimes training is the wrong solution, but it is the only thing available, and is exactly what the boss or client asks for. Learning professionals who only know how to design training are missing out on many other opportunities to improve work performance.

For instance, most learning happens informally on the job. Formal instruction accounts for less than 20%, and some research shows it is about 5% of workplace learning. Employing performance support strategies opens a huge opportunity to have a bigger impact on how people get their work done.”

Join Harold Jarche for this next online workshop that runs 1-30 November 2012 at the Social Learning Centre.

This workshop is designed for training professionals who want to do more than design courses. First, you will review the basic premises of training and what it is good for. Then you will examine performance support and learn about non-instructional interventions.

This is an opportunity to understand performance support and supporting learning outside the classroom. You will learn with your peers and be guided by a performance improvement practitioner over the course of a month, giving you plenty of time to learn, engage, and reflect on your own practices.

For the agenda and how to sign up, visit Moving from Training to Performance Support