Supporting workplace learning in the network era is more than delivering courses through a LMS

Harold Jarche, in his recent post, Supporting workplace learning, uses a great  little diagram to show that –

“It takes much more than courses delivered through a learning management system to support workplace learning in the network era.”

Harold goes on to explain:

“The basic building block, in my experience, is personal knowledge management. People who can seek new information, make sense of it, and share it with their colleagues, will be an asset to any work team. However, they need access to their learning networks while at work, and this is often a challenge. Reduce these barriers, and support PKM practices, and the organization will benefit.”

In order to support PKM practices in the workplace, L&D professionals will need good PKM skills themselves, that’s why the first online workshop in our new series of webinars and workshops looks at these essential new PKM skills.

And of course we will be looking at the other new areas of workplace learning – Performance Support, Online Communities and Social & Collaborative learning – in further workshops in the schedule too.