Learning in the Networked Era: A year of online professional development opportunities

The Social Learning Centre is  a Learning Community for learning professionals (in both education and the workplace) to support their ongoing professional development by learning from their peers as well as leading industry practitioners and thought leaders from around the world.

Since setting up the Social Learning Centre (SLC) earlier this year (which now has over 1,600 members) I have organized a large number of webinars, workshops and other events. The (2-week long) workshops have proved to be particularly popular – many of which have been led by my ITA colleague, Harold Jarche – as these focus on supporting interaction and conversation between the participants so that they can share ideas, experiences and resources – and learn from one another.  We have received a lot of good feedback, like this message.

“When facilitators/moderators help make connections in conversation threads, add content without getting in the way and encourage collaboration – as Jane and Harold are doing here – the conversation and learning can be far greater and more satisfiying than a f2f conversation. “ 

Harold and I therefore wanted to build on the success of these workshops so we are now very pleased to announce a new schedule of professional development opportunities (online workshops and webinars) for 2012-2013 on the theme of Learning in the Networked Era.

We are also offering a new format for the workshop, so they will now run over a period of one calendar month. This will provide much more time for discussion and reflection, as well as help to deal with the competing activities in all our professional lives. You can read more about how the workshops operate as well as some of other feedback we have received on the workshops.

In addition there will be an introductory webinar at the beginning of each workshop month (that will be free for anyone to join) – although there will be a small fee to participate in the  online workshop itself.

However, as many of the participants on previous workshops have signed up for more than one workshop, we have also introduced two new SLC membership levels (Silver & Gold) – which means that you can sign up for 2 or more workshops at a reduced rate.

In addition, Silver & Gold members will automatically become part of The (new) Salon which will provide a private group space for  continuous conversations and discussion for members over the year –  even when workshops are not taking place.

The first month-long workshop on Personal Knowledge Management begins 1 September which will be led by Harold. So we look forward to seeing you there or on one of our future workshops.