“How can I convince others about the value of social technologies in an organisation?”

“How can I convince others about the value of social technologies in an organisation?” That’s a question that I am often asked.

I usually say that a good way to start is to demonstrate the value of social media for you professionally – after all if you can’t show how you use it effectively for your own professional practice, how can you help others to understand the value of social technologies for them!  But I’ve also said that I don’t believe you can force people to be “social”, all you can do is encourage them to participate, and contribute when they are ready.

But do organisations really have the luxury of time – to wait until everyone “gets” it?

I recently came across this article on the Business2Community blog about a business intelligence company called Domo and their Social Media Experiment.  Here’s a quote from the article

“Realizing the importance of social media, James (CEO)  informed his employees back in May that in order to keep their jobs (aghast!) each and every one of Domo’s employees needed to complete 20 social media and other online tasks over an eight-week period.

The tasks range from updating their Facebook to reflect the new Timeline feature, creating three circles in Google+, creating a blog, creating a playlist on one of the music services, Pandora or Spotify and more.

As a reward – in addition to keeping their jobs that is, the staff receive badges plus there are rewards for individuals who accomplish the goals and of the entire company meet its collective goals, everyone gets a free day off from work.”

You can read more about the Social Media Experiment in the article as well as staff reaction to it too.

Would that approach work in your organisation?  I know of quite a few organisations that are running some sort of social media programme to help their staff understand the range of social media tools available; but are any of you mandating such a programme in the same way as Domo?

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