Online Workshops in May and June at the Social Learning Centre

In May and June, Harold Jarche and I will be running another series of our popular public online workshops at the Social Learning Centre.

These take place over a 2-week period and involve 5-6 web-based assignments, some individual activities, as well as conversations and discussions with other participants. Your time commitment is about 1 hour per day.

Here are brief details of what we are offering, together with some  feedback from previous participants. To find out more about each workshop and how to sign up, click through the relevant link.

14-25 May
Setting up and sustaining an online community
Guidance and tips on how to build and maintain an online community
Led by Jane Hart

Thank you very much for offering the programme and putting so much thoughtfulness and guidance into it. It has helped in substantially getting my thoughts together for a new community and for helping me reflect on the existing community and how that came into being.” 

11-22 June
Personal Knowledge Management
Tips and techniques how to connect with the digital reality of the connected economy
Led by Harold Jarche

“Without any coherent strategy I often was not persistent in my undertakings. This course gave me an excellent opportunity to evaluate my position and to work out an appropriate approach.”

18-29 June
Using social media in formal learning
Ideas how to use social media in a formal training programme – classroom, workshop and/or online.
Led by Jane Hart

“One of the most useful aspects of both this and the previous course was learning how to organise and manage an online course. I have found your delivery model to be excellent – enough assignments to make me carve an hour out of my diary every other day but not so much as to be overwhelming.”

Please note, that we also offer these workshops on a private basis for learning teams, so please get in touch  with me – if you’d like more information about this.

For an overview of all the other activities we offer at the Social Learning Centre, visit the About page. We now have over 1100 members,