How do you learn best in the workplace?

UPDATE: Survey has re-opened. Submit your own data and find out the current pattern of results of how people prefer to learn at work.

It is becoming clear that more and more people are using a variety of ways – not just training – to help them (a) acquire new skills and knowledge as well as (b) learn continuously in their jobs. (You can read more about this in my Learning in the Social Workplace article.)

Here are just ten key ways that people find of value to help them (learn to) do their jobs:

  1. Company training (face-to-face workshops and e-learning)
  2. Self-directed study of external courses (of their own choice)
  3. Company documents (manual, policies, strategy documents etc)
  4. Internal job aids (to support use of systems, processes and activities)
  5. Working collaboratively within their team (sharing resources, ideas and experiences)
  6. General conversations and/or meetings with people (formal or ad hoc)
  7. External personal and professional networks and communities (including online social networks like Facebook and Twitter)
  8. External blog and news feeds (reading subscribed resources)
  9. Content curated from external sources (daily summaries of key articles, blog posts, etc)
  10. Google search for Web resources (looking for and using external resources)

But one question I am often asked is, which ways are the most important for different job types, different roles – even different age groups?  So please help me try to identify what is most useful and valuable, but taking part in this short anonymous survey  – just click on the link below to launch it. I’ll report back on the findings shortly.



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