Pick of the Month:12 resources from March

There were lots of great resources made available in March, that I shared on Twitter and in my Pick of the Day. Here are 12 of my favourite resources together with key quotes from each and/or embedded resources

1 – Learning without training, Jay Cross, 5 March 2012

The shift from training programs to learning networks expands learning and development from a limited department isolated from business operations into a critical, pervasive business function. CLOs who embrace this challenge of integrating learning into work face enormous job enrichment. Those who don’t will play severely diminished roles.

2 – Introducing TED-ed: Short lessons for teachers and students to spark curiosity, TED blog, 12 March 2012

This morning, we’re thrilled to introduce TED-Ed — a resource of short lessons designed to spark curiosity and promote further learning in and out of classrooms.

3 – Net Work Skills, Harold Jarche, 12 March 2012

Every professional needs to be open to continuous learning and to make much of it transparent in order to cooperate with others. Nothing remains the same, and the only way to remain relevant in the network era is to stay connected. This is life in perpetual Beta.

4 – Creating sustained performance through thriving workplaces, business 2 community, 15 March 2012

Spreitzer and Porath broke thriving into two main components: Vitality – the sense of being alive, passionate, and excited; and Learning – gaining new knowledge, skills, and status as an expert. The two in combination proved to be especially powerful. For example, people high in both vitality and learning were 21% more effective as leaders than those with just high energy. And those with high energy and low learning had 54% worse health than those with both.

5 – 50 learning theorists in 50 days, Donald Clark, March 2012

In an effort to explain our predecessors, warts and all, this series of portraits will take look at the people who shaped learning theory and practice over the centuries. They have all played a role in shaping (some mis-shaping) the learning landscape. Our theorists are major thinkers who have reflected on the large-scale issues around learning and education. The practitioners have more direct relevance, as their advice is wholly relevant to the design of e-learning programmes.

6 – Why blended learning is really blended training, Dave Kelly, 21 March 2012

If learning professionals can start focusing more on improving people’s performance than on simply “delivering content,” we can create a true “blended” learning model — one that gets away from the “knowledge-delivery” industry.

7 – Dropbox cheat sheet (PDF to download), MakeUseOf, March 2012 and 8 – Dropbox: rising leaders in cloud storage (infographic), infographic labs, 20 March 2012

9 – How Organizational Hubs Encourage and Enhance Collaboration, Tammy Erikson, 27 March 2012

“Collaboration has a cost. It requires time and, in some cases, significant effort. When it comes to connections, more is often not merrier. As a result, people prioritize. We are most likely to collaborate voluntarily when the task involved is important and challenging. If it’s not challenging, there’s little need to collaborate — we just do it. If it’s not important, there’s little payoff from investing the effort required.”

10 – The future of technology disruption in business, The Economist Intelligence Unit, sponsored by Ricoh, March 2012

11 – 9 specific ways to use Twitter, Business2Community, 30 March 2012

5 – To Learn
Twitter can be a great learning platform – on any subject. If you are clear about what you want to learn, the time horizon you have in mind and the time you are willing to invest – you can adopt different strategies on how you can accomplish this. But at a high level, this translates to identifying the Twitter handles that are considered knowledgeable in the specific area(s) under question, and then follow their tweets. Over a period of time, you would have learnt way beyond your own expectation and imagination

12 – What can happen in an Internet minute (infographic), Intel Newsroom, 22 March 2012

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