My Pick of the Day is back!

For many years I published a daily post featuring a new tool or article on Jane’s Pick of the Day blog.  With the rise of Twitter I eventually stopped doing it on a regular basis.  However, my monthly picks of resources have proven so popular on this blog, that I have decided to collate the daily links I share on Twitter in a new daily posting at the C4LPT site – which will also give me room to provide taster quotes that give a flavour of why the resource was of interest to me.

Take a look at some of the recent postings here of articles and resources that caught my attention.

Here’s the link to subscribe to the RSS feed

Note: I am doing this without the use of any curation services as this gives me more control over what is included and the quotes that are shown. The C4LPT Daily will still remain available via,. as will My Tweeted Times.