Top 100 articles of 2011

With only a few more days left of 2011, this is the first of a series of posts reviewing the past year and look forward to 2012.

From nearly 500 links to articles, blog posts, slideshows, reports and (this year also) infographics that I saved in my 2011 Reading List, I have produced a list of the 100 articles that I enjoyed or that impressed me most in 2011.

This is my 4th Top 100 articles list, and this year I’ve added a quote beneath each link to give you a taster of what it is about.

In fact just reading the quotes themselves will give you an indication of what this year has been about for me: i.e. it has not been about the social media tools per se, but how they are impacting personal, professional and organisational learning practices and behaviours.

To the right you will see this year’s Wordle that summarises the main themes in this year’s list (click on the image to see it full size).

And now for a link to the list itself: TOP 100 ARTICLES OF 2011

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