Key social learning resources: Part 10 #sociallearning

I have just returned from Las Vegas where I hosted the Management Xchange stage at DevLearn, so this week I am going to link to 3 presentations that were given by Internet Time Alliance principals during that time that focused on the topic of managing learning in the new networked, social enterprise.

1 – Charles Jennings, Senior Director, Enterprise Strategy  asked the question, Do you feel the need to manage learning? and took a look at the role of the LMS in the enterprise.

2 – Harold Jarche, Chairman, spoke about Managing in a Networked World, and explained how in a 24/7 always-on- and-interconnected world, we need to rethink the industrial-workplace social contract that’s based on hours worked and being on-the-job.

Harold was rather disappointed with the small number attending his presentation and subsequently wrote a blog posting, explaining that it’s not just about the tools, L&D professionals  also need to understand the business they serve.

“The learning delivery model is being obsolesced by ubiquitous connectivity and diverse social networks. If learning professionals do not participate in the emergent leadership of the networked enterprise, they will be outsourced and sooner than later, automated. There is no room for those who just do their job within their job description (these were industrial-age constructs).  … What makes instructional designers et al, think they are any different? The 21st century workplace is all about understanding networks, modelling networked learning, supporting and strengthening networks.”

3 –  I, Jane Hart, Senior Director, Collaboration,  gave a short presentation, From Command & Control to Encourage & EngageL A new mindset for learning leaders, in which I showed how L&D will need a new approach to respond the needs of smart workers who are already using social tools to by-pass IT and L&D and solve their own learning and performance profession.

3 thoughts on “Key social learning resources: Part 10 #sociallearning

  1. Craig Crick


    Thanks for hosting the Management Xchange stage at DevLearn and for sharing these presentations. I attended just the Expo on Wednesday and spent a lot of my time in your corner of the pavillion. In my opinion, it was by far the best place to be! I appreciate and I’m really inspired by the great work you and your Internet Time Alliance colleagues are doing. I look forward to the day when it’s common practice to see learning in the workplace encouraged, not controlled. Hopefully, I’m not in for a long wait! Thanks again.

    Craig Crick
    Strategy Consulting

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