October 2011 in Review

I’ve added over 50 links to interesting articles and resources in my Reading List in October.  As I’ve mentioned lots of them in my continuing series of postings on Key Social Learning Resources, here I want to pick out just five more.

1 and 2

In this posting Dan Pontefract explains how he has “a problem with both the term digital native and how it has been manufactured into one of society’s greatest myths“. He also believe “there is an improved way in which we should be articulating the use of technology in the learning continuum“. In his first posting he digs into the background to the fallacy.

In his second posting, Dan Pontefract, summarises the position from his previous post:

“Let us agree, therefore, that regardless of age or situation, the learning process is one in which any learner can utilize formal, informal and social means to actually learn. It has nothing to do with generational divides.”

He then introduces his concept of the Digital Learning Quadrants, that “encompasses all ages and takes into account the realities of access and participation levels”:

3 – Charles Jennings shared his presentation,Transforming L&D through effective governance, from the recent World of Learning conference, where Governance is defined as:

“the structures, systems, practices and processes that are put in place to ensure the overall strategy, effectiveness and accountability of the L&D function”

4 – In Fast Company’s Edusurge posting, “the latest stories from the bleeding edge of education thinking” are discussed. This includes topics like mapping the world and flipped classrooms, where students watch lectures at home and do teacher-guided homework in school.
5 – Finally (and a little off topic), we put the clocks back in Europe on Sunday (so in the UK we’ve moved from BST (British Summer Time) back to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).  I’m now in the US where moving out of Daylight Saving Time won’t take place for a few weeks yet.  But I’ve also found out that there are some states in the US, that don’t actually adopt DST anyway. I recently came across this video that explains the complexity – and madness – of Daylight Savings Time.

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