Saturday Surprise: Google Gravity

Follow these instructions  for some fun!

  1. Follow this link:  Google Gravity
  2. Wait 2 seconds – something will happen
  3. Play with the “bricks” – throw them around!
  4. Write any word in the Google search bar. Press Enter.
  5. Wait and see what happens now!
That’s HTML5 for you!

If  you want a taster – take a look at the image below – but best to watch it live!

Thanks Ian and Philip!

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Jane Hart

Founder at C4LPT
Jane Hart is an independent workplace learning advisor, writer and international speaker, and is the Founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies. She focuses on helping organisations with Modern Workplace Learning and individuals with Modern Professional Learning workshops. Find out more about Jane at

4 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise: Google Gravity

  1. Interior Doors

    LOVE it! I hadn’t come here looking for this at all, but it’s serious fun. HTML5 is looking really exciting – it will open the doors to all kinds of possibilities. Including for social learning, I guess 🙂

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