From “Command & Control” to “Encourage & Engage”: the presentation

Today, I am speaking at LearningLive in Birmingham.  The topic of my session is “From managing and controlling learning, to enabling and supporting learning”. I am going to be talking about the ideas in my last two posting: Social learning doesn’t mean what you think it means – Part 1 and Part 2.

Here’s the presentation:

3 thoughts on “From “Command & Control” to “Encourage & Engage”: the presentation

  1. Ideasource

    Hi ya Great deck. Thanks for sharing it. Any chance it willbe made available to download from SlideShare? Thanks

    1. Anonymous

      Sorry, I don’t make any of my slidedecks free to download nowadays – as in the past they have been too often copied and rebadged by others – even uploaded again into Slideshare with a different author’s name 🙁

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