Social Media and the Smart Worker

Social media is affecting all our lives –  it has disrupted countries and it is unsettling organisations.

Although more and more people are now using the term “social learning”  to mean the use of social media for learning, most of them are simply referring to how social media can be used within formal, social learning/training – whereas this is only a small part of the picture.

The more powerful part is how social media is being used to enhance informal social learning.  But even this fact I don’t believe clearly highlights  how social media is now fundamentally changing the way many people – those I called Smart Workers – are now working and learning – and how this is opening up a new era of workplace learnng.

Over the last few weeks I have been providing some postings here about this – in my Smart Worker series, but in readiness for the webinar I gave yesterday (you can see the slides here – Social media and its impact on how we learn in the workplace), I have aggregated all the content on the main website and drafted work on a couple more features of how the Smart Worker works and learns.    So rather than posting them individually,  here is a link to the collection of materials that I am now building in this area.


2 thoughts on “Social Media and the Smart Worker

  1. Tom Hood


    Great post! I love your approach (and your colleagues at the ITA) to working smarter via social media as a tool rather than focusing on social media itself. We like to say that in this rapidly changing world we are all challenged to keep our L > C (our rate of learning must be greater than the rate of change). C can also stand for competition as well.

    Social media tools enable you to stay ahead of the change for all the reasons you suggest. For me, I find social media to be my trusted filter and an excellent source to capture insights from my trusted friends and colleagues. It is my number one tool to stay ahead of change and continuously learn and innovate.

    Thanks for sharing!

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