Twitter Week : 11-15 July

Twitter & Learning

Next week is Twitter Week in the Twitter & Learning group on the Share&Learn platform.

Each weekday there will be a discussion on a different aspect of using Twitter for learning. The schedule will be as follows

Day 1  – Mon 11 July:  Using Twitter for personal learning and self-development

Day 2 – Tues 12 July:  Using a Twitter backchannel for learning

Day 3  – Wed 13 July:  Live Twitter Chats and learning

Day 4 – Thu 14 July: Using Twitter in the classroom or a training workshop

Day 5 – Fri 15 July: Other uses of Twitter for Learning

If you’d like to join the daily discussions, you will need to sign up for an account on Share&Learn and then join the Twitter & Learning Group.  Make sure you set your email status to receive a daily or weekly digest – as desired.