ICT in the Classroom 2011

I’m currently in Johannesburg for the Intel ICT In the Classroom 2011 conference, where I am one of the keynote speakers and workshop leaders.

My keynote takes place tomorrow (TUESDAY 5th July) and is called Thinking Differently as Learning Professionals: Trends in Social Media.

I am hoping for some audience participation during the presentation as well as from others outside the Hall on Twitter in the backchannel. So if you would like to help  by answering a couple of questions, please look out for my tweets containing the conference hashtag #schoolnetsa11 . My presentation will start around 1.15 pm local time (that’s 12.15 pm in the UK, 7.15 am Eastern and 9.15 pm in Sydney) after the Opening Address.

Thanks in advance if you are able to participate.

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