How to create social buzz at a learning event


In Jeff Bullas’s recent post, 9 ways to create and share social media content at an event, he described how you might use the following 9 social tools to encourage participation in an event (in this case a fashion show).

  1. Videos
  2. Pictures and images
  3. Slideshare
  4. Twitter
  5. Blogs
  6. Facebook
  7. MySpace
  8. Website
  9. Digital media aggregator

I think this post is just as relevant to create buzz around and involve others in a LEARNING event too – whether it be internal or external, large or small, conferences, seminars, or workshops.  In other words, it is not just about the organiser of the event (trainer, learning manager, conference organiser) producing all the content and pushing it down to the participants, but encouraging others to become fully involved in it.

In a recent posting, Social Learning in action, I described how a number of the participants got involved in the informal session I ran at a local elearning network event – by sharing images, videos etc.  For me, this shared social activity really made it a valuable learning experience.

Oh, and remember! If you don’t want to use the public social media tools listed above for an event inside your organisation, then there are lots of ways you can do this more privately; the principles of encouraging social participation remain the same.

(Picture taken by @mikecollins007)