Making the most of Informal Learning


Tomorrow I am going to be chairing an all-day event in Bristol for the eLearning Network, called Making the most of Informal Learning.  Here’s a brief overview of the event:

“We know how important informal learning is in the workplace, but how do we encourage it? We know there are many free and low-cost tools that can help, but which should you be using? In this event, we will look at real-world case studies in which social media is making a positive impact within an organisation. We’ll look at what was implemented, how it worked, what issues there were and how they were overcome.”

There will be 4 main speakers during the morning and early afternoon:  Nic Laycock, Dan Roddy, Debbie Lawley and Peter Casebow, so if you would like to tune into the Twitter backchannel, you can follow the #elnil stream.

Then from 2.30-4 pm BST (GMT+1) Nic and I will be running a session on using social media tools for informal learning.  A major part of that part of that session will be a live Twitter chat – to include both those in the room and outside it – where we’ll be asking questions about your own use of social media for informal learning. So please join us then  – we’ll be using the #elnil tag again.

You can find out more about the event on the elearning network’s website

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