Sapling Learning, Frequency, Revuuit, College Textbooks & GetMyTablet

I receive lots of emails from individuals as well as  companies who have set up new e- or social learning businesses or produced new (or updated versions of) products/tools for education or workplace learning.  Unfortunately, I am not always able to review them all individually, but today I thought I would briefly mention five different resources that I’ve recently been emailed about:

  1. Sapling Learning – an online homework solution for science for higher education and high-school markets
  2. Frequency – a real time social video platform to simplify the way people discover, watch and share video online.
  3. Revuuit – an online system for streamlining the process of gathering SME feedback.  You simply upload a PowerPoint file, invite people to review it, and wait for their feedback. They can see the slides, the instructor notes, and  each other’s feedback as they enter theirs. At the conclusion, you receive a PDF report of everyone’s feedback by slide, making it easier to make the changes, store the feedback, and distribute the feedback with the new updated PPT file.
  4. College Textbooks – a free service, allowing you to easily compare prices of any book among major online bookstores worldwide, and find a price which is 30% – 95% off the market list price
  5. GetMyTablet – an application that creates a chalkboard on your computer, and allows anyone to write onto it, in realtime.  You can also put architect plans, biology diagrams, etc on the whiteboard, and write on top of it,  and teach remotely.

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