My Guides to using social media

For those of you who have been waiting for the eBook version of my Social Learning Handbook, you will be pleased to note that it is now available.   This book is intended for Workplace Learning Professionals and in Part 1 considers the emergence of social media, its impact on workplace learning, the range of social technologies available as well as strategies for supporting and encouraging social learning in the business.

Part 2 comprises a version of the 30 ways to use social media for working and learning smarter programme with extra links to useful resources and people suitable for workplace learning professionals.

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I’ve had a lot of interest in my 30 Ways to use Social media for Working and Learning Smarter programme – particularly from those NOT working n the L&D field, so I’ve now produced a separate Guide and programme suitable for anyone working in an organization to help them work and learn smarter.

This Guide is available both as a paperback and an eBook and provides free access to the online social version of the programme to share experiences with others.

Full details here.

I am also currently working on a third Guide based on some existing online resources at my site: How to use Facebook and Twitter for Social Learning.

This new Guide looks at how Twitter and Facebook can be used for personal learning, in education as well as in the workplace.

It will also be available both as a paperback and an eBook.   For further information and to request notification when it is ready, please visit the page at my site.