A new approach to workplace learning

Just in case you haven’t seen this promotional slideset for my Social Learning Handbook …

3 thoughts on “A new approach to workplace learning

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    1. Jane Hart

      Hi Margaret – I do try to address this issue in my book 😉 Having said that, there are already people doing just this. For sure, it will take time for it to become normal practice; but as more and more managers realize that (costly) training in isn’t delivering, as individuals and teams more and more “do their own thing”, self-organize etc, as other other parts of the business – Comms, IT, Bus Ops take on the role of enabling smarter working across the organizations, things will change – with or without L&D on board! As I say on the Handbook page ..

      This should not be seen as a threat to the L&D profession, but as an opportunity to take on the new challenges it offers. The first step will be to understand the changes that are taking place, and then become immersed in the new social media tools that are underpinning this change in order to help others in the organization work and learn smarter. Social Learning, after all, is not something you just talk or read about; it’s something you do!

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