Twitter as a learning tool for surgeons

For those of you who didn’t see the episode of Grey’s Anatomy that showed the use of Twitter as a learning tool for surgeons, here are some clips on YouTube.

Doctor Bailey introduces Twitter as a learning tool to broadcast surgeries over the internet. The chief on the other hand, is not very happy about the idea. At least not at first.

11 thoughts on “Twitter as a learning tool for surgeons

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  3. Penny Whittaker

    Cool, I love Grays Anatomy but missed this episode. It’s a great advert for Twitter. Doesn anyone know if this represent real life activity?

  4. Brent MacKinnon

    That is the most awesome and fantastic clip I’ve seen on how twitter (and by default so many other SocMe tools) can be used for learning. Wow, a real good feeling from that Jane. Thanks for finding and posting it.

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