Run your own airline – a biz simulation/game

My husband, Philip told me about this game, which allows you to set up an airline and manage it.

As President and Director of your company, you’ll have to buy your planes, define your destinations and the sale price of your tickets, or even sign contracts with various providers that will help your company grow and prosper. You will negotiate with one or more bankers (real humans!) for any loans. Alliances with other companies are also possible. By buying planes and sharing them with colleagues and associates, then you can ensure faster growth for your company. The possibilities are endless!

It’s both a fun game (especially if you like anything to do with flying) but also a useful business simulation too. Only one thing it is in French, so you may want to use Google Translate to help you out!

Link: Airlines Manager

BTW Philip called his airline, Jane Air, a name we had always thought would be fun to use!

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