Live #lrnchat at DevLearn

#lrnchat is a place for people interested in the topic of learning who use the social messaging service Twitter to learn from one another and discuss how to help other people learn.

Lrnchat takes place twice every Thursday: first at 4:30-6pm BST/5:30-7pm CET (11:30-1pm EDT/) and then again at 8:30-10pm EDT/5:30-7pm PDT.

I am one of the hosts for the early/European version and once we have scheduled up the questions for the session, I usually sit back and take part at my desk in my home office.

Last week, however, was different.  I was in San Francisco for DevLearn 10 – and most of the lrnchat hosts and lots of the participants were there too, so at 5.30 pm last week a number of us gathered together for a live lrnchat session.

The photo to the right was taken (with Charles Jennings camera) just before we got started.

We are (from left to right):

Mark Oehlert @moehlert, Harold Jarche @hjarche, Charles Jennings @charlesjennings, Koreen Olbrish  @KoreenOlbrish, Aaron Silvers @mrch0mp3rs,  Marcia Conner @marciamarcia, Jane Hart @c4lpt, Clark Quinn @quinnovator, Marty Rosenheck  @mbr1online , Jane Bozarth @janebozarth and Don Bolen @dbolen

You can find out more about lrnchat here – as well as read the transcripts of the lrnchats from previous weeks.  And if you haven’t tried lrnchat yet – come and join us  tomorrow.