10 top reasons to ban social media in the organisation!

Regular readers of this blog know that I recently posted about the future of social media in the organisation.  But in the interest of presenting all sides of the argument – here are the Top 10 reasons why your organisation should ban social media! 

Be careful who you show this video to – they might actually believe it  😉

12 thoughts on “10 top reasons to ban social media in the organisation!

  1. Andy

    This has to be a joke…he denounces youtube yet is using it and social media to spread his message.

  2. Jane Hart

    Just in case you are in any doubt about whether this is “real” If you go to the video on the YouTube site, you will find the presenter – rondes001- has written the following:
    “Please note: This video was produced with a bit of sarcasm and a dash of wit. In reality I believe social media should not be banned but embraced by organizations. Consider this post reverse psychology for those organizations that ban employee access to social media.”

  3. Martijn Linssen

    Awesome LOL, my gawd this could go viral – so many old enterprises there with babyboomers pulling the strings that want to hear and believe this
    Thumbs up!

  4. Vaughan Waller

    Strange thing is that I wasn’t laughing as he is far too near the truth – the senior management and IT departments that I know DO think like this. What is now needed is a rebuttal of this video. Not just saying that’s not the case but giving good cogent business arguments to each of the 10 (or indeed 11) points. How for instance would you answer this one. “What sort of learning process takes place in the minds of learners when using Twitter?” Just saying communication, keeping up to date, exchanging information is not enough for these doubters. It may seem ludicrous to suggest it but how do we link social learning with the bottom line? We had to do that for e-learning….

  5. Ron Desi

    Hi everyone…I am Ron Desi..the guy who put this together. I haven’t checked my YouTube account in a while and saw that my video had over 1,000 views. The last time I check it had about 40.
    I followed the trail and it led me here. Jane, thanks for posting this and spreading the “evils” of social medial. Yes, it was a spoof and a joke. It hasn’t gone “viral” but I’m happy with 1000 views.
    I’m glad all of you liked it. I should do more of these videos, no?

  6. Ryan Tracey

    I am an ardent supporter of social media in the workplace, and I recognise the value it can offer organisations that embrace it.
    Having said that, I shall risk the wrath of many by noting there are grains of truth in Ron’s parody.
    We need to balance the awesome potential with the business reality.

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