Historius – social bookmarking ++

I just read about Historius – a social bookmarking tool – on The Next Web – and thought I would pass on the link. 

Not ANOTHER social bookmarking tool, you are probably thinking!  But the Historius website explains more:

"Do you bookmark most interesting sites and articles? If not,
is it because bookmarking a lot is too tedious?
If yes, how often do you go back to your bookmarks and how
easy is it to find things you're looking for?

historious makes bookmarking much easier by creating your
very own, personalized search world. Add sites to historious
(you can use our bookmarklet or browser extensions, if you
want), and your customized search will be available to search
within them. The next time you want to find that interesting
article about the economy, just search in historious for
"economy" and all the articles about economics you saved
will appear. It's as simple as that!"

TheNextWeb's posting about Historius is captioned "the bookmarking
tool I’ve been waiting for has finally been built
" – so if you have drifted away from bookmarking, maybe this one is worth taking a look


One thought on “Historius – social bookmarking ++

  1. yoram orad

    Hi Jane
    From a first glance it looks like a very usefull tool for searching articles and other stuff and coming back to them later. Thank you for this.

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