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  1. Emma

    Seems useful, though perhaps worth noting that some of the sites (e.g. BUBL, EBSCOHost) are actually Google Site searches. (It does say that in small print, if you scroll down a long way!)
    The EBSCO one, for some reason, only seems to offer login links to local libraries – there isn’t one, as far as I can see, to login to academic libraries.
    ScienceDirect, on the other hand, went straight to the SD site & knew which Uni I was at.

  2. Dan

    Thanks, Emma and Jane. Yes, I haven’t yet been able to implement a direct search for the sites you mention hence the Google site-specific search for a few sources.
    Which other sites do people consider ‘credible’? If several agree I’ll try and put ’em up.

  3. Jane Hart

    Nicole – I am sure that many people will have a lot to say in answer to your question. Unfortunately, there are still many professors who don’t understand its usefulness, but there are also many who do. I don’t know if you are a student or teacher yourself. If the former you may be in the unfortunate position that you can’t cite information from it; all I can say things will change. If the latter, you should read about some of the professors who are embracing the use of Wikipedia; there are lots of interesting articles to read – just do a Google search. That’s if you are allowed to use Google as an academic tool 😉 Try this one for instance http://mfeldstein.com/sv/teaching_faculty_about_wikipedia_and_social_software_in_general/ dating back to 2006.

  4. Dan

    Interesting. Often after some hours of laborious trawling through academic literature I have learned little more than is on the relevant Wikipedia page, but perhaps this depends on the depth of the insight being sought. Wikipedia often provides links to more traditionally credible resources and if only for this reason it’s useful.
    More generally Wikipedia represents a transition towards information being provided inclusively and by the passionate. Impenetrable explanations that keep a particular realm of knowledge exclusive in traditional media can be minimized by a wiki paradigm. The degree of precision is tricky to establish but so long as traditional authorities shun the site they are failing to aid the masses in grasping the fundamentals of the topic they love; in terms of bang for your effort-buck a day modifying the Wikipedia page for your specialist topic must be tough to beat for real impact.

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