ipadio – phonecast live to the web from any phone

Now with over 200 contributions, the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2010 list is beginning to take shape, although I hope many more people will want to contribute to help build it further.

One tool that has recently popped onto the list is ipadio.   Gordon Wells, a language teacher and developer,  who nominated it for the list, told me more about it. and how he uses it.  He wrote, it is  ..

"as an excellent user-friendly and free tool for genering audio material. I use it in conjunction with WordPress  (which I would also nomiate) to create media-rich materials incorporating text, audio, and images – sometimes also incorporating YouTube (also nominated!) for video material as an alternative, or in addition to, the audio.

Ipadio is extremely flexible. You can phone in by landline or mobile (the latter meaning you can create materials "on the hoof"), and your basic webpage is created instantaneously.  If you're concerned about sound quality over a telephone line there is also an MP3 upload option.

There are numerous examples here, on my project blog, of Ipadio files embedded into WordPress posts, using a mobile or landline: guthan.wordpress.com/

Here's an MP3 sample, used for uploading some music, onto my personal blog: gordonwellsuist.wordpress.com/2010/05/08/doubling-up-on-shak-and-sax-musical-bilingualism/

Thanks for the information, Gordon, hope others enjoying take a look.


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  1. Mark Smith

    Everso kind of you to make mention of ipadio – by amazing coincidence I did a broadcast this morning on how ipadio is being used in the educational sector which readers might enjoy, it’s here: http://ipad.io/LEI Regards Mark (CEO of ipadio.com)

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