Tagxedo – tag clouds with style

You probably know all about  the word cloud generator, Wordle, but here's another service that turns your words into stunning tag clouds.  Here are a few examples from the Gallery to see what you can do with Tagxedo

Find out more about Tagxedo and how you can create.print and share your images here:


3 thoughts on “Tagxedo – tag clouds with style

  1. philipbradley

    You might be interested in the Flickr Tagxedo group that we created. It has a small collection of images that people have created using the resource. It’s also worth making the point that the chap who created Wordle has basically said that Taxedo has taken it to the next level. I simply don’t use Wordle any more – it doesn’t have any functionality that I can’t get from Tagxedo, and Tagxedo is simply a far superior product in my view.

  2. J Bueno

    I’d like access to your Flickr Tagxedo group to use with my lesson plans. Can I get it?
    J Bueno

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