Idea Paint – Paint yourself a collaborative space

Yesterday, I wrote a posting on how Stanford was creating a physical collaboration and creativity space.  I saw one tweet that suggested that being surrounded by whiteboards or chalkboards was not ideal.  So what is the solution?  Write on the wall!

Of course, you'll need special paint, and that's exactly what Idea Paint provides

"Idea Paint turns virtually anything you can paint into a dry-erase surface and any room into a hub of creativity and collaboration."

I'd love to do this in my office. Unfortunately the paint is not yet available in Europe.  But even if you can't get it in your area, take a look at the website, just to see its potential.

Idea Paint


IdeaPaint is now available around the world.  Here's a list of international distributors

4 thoughts on “Idea Paint – Paint yourself a collaborative space

  1. Stephen Downes

    I have this in my office. It’s a bit expensive, but works great. It’s really nice not having the limits imposed by a traditional whiteboard, especially on 12-foot walls.

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