Recently I and some of my colleagues have found that our postings are being copied wholesale by other bloggers and re-posted without any attribution to the original author. Jay Cross blogged his thoughts about this practice in his posting Do the right thing, don't steal. Unfortunately modern-day blogging platforms make it all too easy to re-post articles.  However, this tool, which I came across on a MakeUseOf posting, may be a way forward.   It states:

"See big benefits by allowing people to embed your articles

  • Every embedded article contains a link back to the
    article source
  • Earn revenue displaying your ads within article embeds
  • All embedded articles are invisible to search engines
  • Reporting and control over which sites are embedding
    your articles"

How does it work?  This is what they say ..

"After registering you’ll be given a couple different integration


This is done by dropping a small piece of code inside your
website’s template and you’re good to go. Our simple integration is
invisible to your readers until they try to copy your content. The Embed
Article widget window will activate whenever more than 10 words are
highlighted and there is a copy command.


Our Advanced Integration requires a basic knowledge of HTML. It
allows you the option to place one of our Embed Article buttons (basic
or counter) on your website to encourage use."

There's also a WordPress plug-in.  Find out more here: