Twitter and Facebook and Buzz! Oh, my! #fb

I have been spending quite a lot of time recently on Twitter and Facebook and Google Buzz (oh, my!) as I work on my resource: 140 Learning: A Guide to Using Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz for Social Learning, which is coming along quite nicely.

However, this has also allowed me to reflect on my own personal and professional use of these 3 social networks.  Originally I tried to synch postings across these 3 sites, so that they were pretty much the same, but I am now finding I am using each of them quite differently (although there is still some overlap) – more about that in another posting – and hence am reorganising my online activities because of this. 

So in this posting, I just wanted to mention that as part of my reorganisation, I have now set up a C4LPT Facebook Fan page, where my professional activities on Facebook will be focused.  (Note I will still be actively maintaining my Twitter account as well as my Google Buzz feed!).

This Facebook Fan page is still in its infancy, but I am hoping that "fans" can help me extend it into more of a learning community space, so if you are on Facebook, come and join us!

5 thoughts on “Twitter and Facebook and Buzz! Oh, my! #fb

  1. Jane Hart

    Thanks Don, the FB page link is in the widget. But in case people haven’t spotted it, or they are accessing via a Reader, I’ve now added it into the text itself.

  2. Dave Ferguson

    Jane, I’ve also mused (as in “puzzled, then gave up”) about the parallelism / distinction balance for kind-of-similar places (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
    I’ll be watching for your thoughts on what goes where for you, and why.

  3. David Simpson

    I think this is a good direction to move, Jane. I’m not as sure that the 140 learning is something I’ll follow.
    Thanks, as always for your pioneering, virtual mentoring, inspirational leadership and generosity.

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