Where Social Learning Thrives

Just read this great article by Marcia Conner and Steve LeBlanc for Fast Company, which is chock full of fabulous quotes.  My favourites are

"To benefit from social learning, build a culture that makes learning
fun, productive and commonplace, a culture where learning is part of
everyday work."

"Social learning is not just the technology of social media, although
it makes use of it. It is not merely the ability to express yourself in
a group of opt-in friends. Social learning combines social media tools
with a shift in the corporate culture, a shift that encourages ongoing
knowledge transfer and connects people in ways that make learning a joy."

but particularly this one …

"Social learning thrives in a culture of service and wonder. It is
inspired by leaders, enabled by technology and ignited by opportunities
that have only recently unfolded."

An inspirational, must-read!

Where Social Leaning Thrives


  1. I can’t tell you how much that means coming from you. You are among my hero’s in the industry. I enjoy your work both for your breadth of knowledge and your grasp of the fine points. I am really thrilled that you liked it. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Steve. The article was perfect; one of the best I’ve read in a long time for its “feel good factor”. I’m sure that those that read it will be inspired to act on it. I shall be quoting from it for a long time to come. A big thank you to both you and Marcia.

  3. Thanks Jane! Great fun writing with Steve and I hope he agrees to do it again sometime. Always a pleasure finding folks around the periphery of the social learning space who have brilliant things to contribute. Good to know others appreciate the outcome too.

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