January 2010 News

Here is this month's round up of tools and resources added to my website:


Following Allison's suggestion (see comments below) I have created a word cloud (using Wordle) of January's Reading list.  Even on the tiny thumbnail below you can see the key words.  Click on the image for the full Wordle.

Wordle: C4lptjan

4 thoughts on “January 2010 News

  1. Allison Miller

    Hello Jane
    The resources added to your Reading List in January 2010 is very impressive.
    You know what would be really useful for this list would be a ‘tag cloud’ which would allow people to quickly see what the ‘main topics’ are within this valuable resources, whilst making the information very easy to search.
    Much appreciated, Allison Miller

  2. Allison Miller

    Hello again Jane.
    The Wordle image of the January 2010 Reading List looks great and definitely ‘tells the story’ of what this Reading List covers, however, it not ‘searchable’.
    A ‘tag cloud’ would allow me to click on any word (or tag) to see which readings are related to that tag ie if I wanted to see which readings where about “social media” I would be able to click on those words and all of the readings ‘tagged’ as ‘social media’ would be grouped together.
    I really like the tag cloud which is created in my ‘Flickr’ account (http://www.flickr.com/photos/23898723@N00/tags/) which allows me to aggregate all images with the same tag together.
    I’m pretty sure most blogs have a ‘tag cloud’ plugin ie Word Press certainly does.
    Thanks, Allison

  3. Jane Hart

    Allison, this list is not produced on my blog; I collate these links on a separate website – http://www.c4lpt.co.uk – which doesn’t have automatic tagging functionality like my blog does. All these readings are available in the separate reading categories – http://c4lpt.co.uk/ReadingLists/index.html I had thought of putting a link to the individual list where each is located; but that would involve a lof of extra work on my part, and this is just one of the many things I do. This Jan summary was just meant to be a very quick round up of the links I had saved, blogged and/or twittered about over the previous month.

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