MemCatch – a social knowledge network

Peter emailed to tell me about Memcatch

MemCatch is the first social knowledge network, allowing
individuals to not only collect and manage their knowledge, but to
utilize it throughout their social networks. As they put it .. .

"We’re what comes AFTER you Google.."

MemCatch's applications have been optimized for three key things:

  1. Collecting your knowledge as easily as possible.
  2. Collecting from as many knowledge resources as possible.
  3. And most importantly, sharing your knowledge as easily as possible.

Where does the name "MemCatch" come from?

"MemCatch doesn't actually come from "memory catch" as many people
have suggested, although that would probably fit as well. Memcatch
comes from the concept of being able to catch "memes". Memes are ideas
that want to spread far and wide because of the low cost to distribute
them, enriching everything they touch."


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