Collaborative working and learning

The Learning Technologies conference takes place on 28 and 29 January 2009 at Olympia in London. and I've just completed the third of a 3-part article for the Conference edition of the Inside Learning Technologies magazine. 

The three-part article is called Social Media & Learnng.  In the first part
of the article (that appeared in the November 2008 edition) I discussed three types of social media tools: social
bookmarking, social file sharing and social networking services.

part two of the article (that appeared in the December 2008 edition) I considered micro-blogging services,
like Twitter, and their use for personal and informal learning,
professional networking and as an alternative learning channel.

In this
final part I take a broad look at collaborative working and
learning.  As there are a number of ways that people can
“collaborate” to work and learn together, I look at 12 types of collaborative
activities/scenarios and some suggestions of tools to support them:

  1. Collaborative brainstorming and mindmapping
  2. Collaborative diagramming
  3. Collaborative authoring
  4. Collaborative reviewing
  5. Collaborative reflection
  6. Collaborative commenting
  7. Collaborative annotation
  8. Collaborative productivity
  9. Collaborative working (spaces)
  10. Collaborative project management
  11. Collaborative course design and development
  12. Collaborative learning (spaces)

If you want to read this article online, you can find it here:  Social Media & Learning Part 3: Collaborative Working and Learning.

Or register here for your free copy of the magazine.